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 Video Spote Rap

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Age : 25
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Registration date : 28/05/2008

MesazhTitulli: Prayer 4 Da Rap Game   Mon Aug 04, 2008 2:24 pm

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Numri i postimeve : 201
Age : 25
Location : Gjakova
Points : 13
Registration date : 28/05/2008

MesazhTitulli: Jah Bless Me   Thu Jul 31, 2008 6:01 am

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Age : 41
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MesazhTitulli: Can I live   Sat Jun 28, 2008 11:33 am

Can I Live
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Numri i postimeve : 286
Age : 41
Location : Gjakova
Points : 15
Registration date : 26/05/2008

MesazhTitulli: When I Flow (It's Gospel)   Sat Jun 28, 2008 7:08 am

Lyrics :

Back in the lab again, young lads getting bad with the pad and pen
Holy Culture, a fabulous fabric blend, God’s people got fashion sense
That’ll take it pass your trends and get passionate
with passages from the text while we passing it
though we not highly paid to perform,
that don’t stop us from stepping on stages galore

You can take away the stage and the studio booth,
pull the label exec’s and the loot they recoup
That don’t change what we slang we not your usual group
We only jump for the Lord, so we don’t jump through the hoops
I see the culture’s distress, I got a lot to express
It’s just some things I had to get off my chest.

But it’s time to release the pressure, decrease the flesh cuz
Jesus, He seeks to bless us
Drop jewels see deep like treasure men seek the lesser
But Christians we seek His Pleasure

When you see that this life is more than ice and rims and you ready to go
You can’t hide that pride deep down inside, playboy you ready to know
If ya hot with the proof and you got the juice of the Son, then ya ready to ride
But are you ready to do in the name of truth what the world might do for a lie

Rock shows with the Gospel (Gospel)
Long as I got breath in my nostrils (Gospel)
When I flow it’s Gospel (Gospel)
Cross Movement and Rock Soul (We rock souls)

Verse Two:
Oh no, the CM's back, yeah, we're intact,
was in the cut but the "C" ain't slack
God was adding to what CM lacked,
now it's like Phil Jack and '02 Kobe and Shaq
The whole crew wanted true G-O-D in rap,
we've gotta view that's a minority like being black
But we've agreed to feed and lead the packs,
Hip hop's the key it's like some cheese to rats
And they come if your beats are raw,
'cause the streets are raw, but all fall when they meet the Law,
'cause they meet their flaws and see defeat when they meet the Boss
And that's terror like a beach with Jaws,
Yo, God's got beef galore
Cause you tell Peace, "Get lost," plus play Easter soft,
So peep the cross and weep no more
all rise, recognize that you need Lord, boy
who would've thought that a lost crook would
get brought to the point where the cross looked good

Repeat Hook

Verse Three:
Where’s the buzz
Better yet, where’s the love
Seems like, what we got wrecks the clubs
There’s no hugs, probably cause there’s no drugs
And no mansion that’s housing thugs
Here’s the thing, it’s an enigma thing
Sometimes it feels like a Q-dog at a sigma thing
We don’t try to jig the thing
Cause one day we gonna reign in the same chains that the stigma brings
Christ Supreme, all that means is:
Christ Rules Everything Around Me: C.R.E.A.M.!
If He’s the King, and you don’t let Him do His thing
That’s Gollum’s fellowship with the ring
Pain and strife, is how this world pays the price
Lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, pride of life
That’s why we gotta get it right
ain’t nobody got it right
If you think so, Satan’s pulling off a heist
But when dealing with the Christ
[You] gotta be real, not fake like a Poltergeist
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Numri i postimeve : 286
Age : 41
Location : Gjakova
Points : 15
Registration date : 26/05/2008

MesazhTitulli: Cross Movement - Civilian Affairs   Sat Jun 28, 2008 7:06 am

Armed to the tooth
Me and all my troops
No time for a truce
There’s only time for truth
No room for fear, or regular cares
Steer clear of civilian affairs

Hold up, Soldier
If you’re goin’ up
Throw it up
Throw it up

Verse 1
I’m a soldier
Boy I told ya’,I hold the Scriptures like you hold chips on your shoulder
Biblical clips, better load up
The snare in the drums goes snap
The lyrical tongue cocks back
The air in my lungs flows and that’s
Enough to spark a revolution
Man listen my music is ammunition
I march to the tune of a man smitten
Was slain as a lamb, yet He stands risen
Just as it was written
My orders are to cross borders
Living Water’s in my canteen, as my camp screams for the God we love even though we can’t see Him
My passions, down to the name brands on my fashions have to pass Him
I only live off what my Captain rations

Welcome to the front lines, streets and corners
The chief warned us
The beef is tremendous when ya’ lock teeth in the trenches
There’s a war goin’ on outside and it’s real
Flesh versus spirit
I don’t flex to appeal
Use the text to reveal what comes next
If you reject then I seal conversation with prayin’ and step
‘Cause what I feel is really not the deal
The issue is your soul
As a soldier I must remain sober and in control
I gotta stay focused like a scope does
And hope what I wrote does clear the smoke up
Hey ya’ll I’m never AWOL
I wouldn’t dare stop work to start dealing in civilian affairs


Verse 2
Ever since I been sworn in, born in
Put through boot camp
It’s on
Ain’t got no time for no new sins
It’s three squares a day
PT, study pray, little play
’Cause what soldier got time for blasé?
‘Specially when Yahweh, is bringin’ D-day
Without M-16, rocket launcher or AK/
‘Cause this ain’t Vietnam
The enemy’s more vicious than the Viet Cong
Who think “delicious”of the embalmed
Who die outside of service
Conscientious perverters
We stand as alerters
Hopin’ this is making you nervous
Well if you ain’t a procrastinator fight Satan’s invaders
Get your fist in the air and march to this cadence

Had to cram 10 jams in a week so I’m weak but I’m plantin’ my feet
Plannin’ to speak of our Commander and Chief
He’s a lamb and a beast
King and God-man of the streets
Standard of peace but not a man that is weak
He’s glorious
Infinity and 0
He’s victorious
El Gabor is a warrior
And he orders us
Not to trust in swords and stuff
Or store up and hoard stuff that is sure to rust
Don’t get it twisted
He’ll get a misfit when others wouldn’t risk it
Teach him diplomatics like a good version of Dip-set
Bury him in Christ ‘til his everyday life is sifted
Mission—stick with the reason we got enlisted

To the Left………
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Numri i postimeve : 286
Age : 41
Location : Gjakova
Points : 15
Registration date : 26/05/2008

MesazhTitulli: Know me (Huh What?)   Sat Jun 28, 2008 7:02 am

Lyrics :

Enock: Do we truly know what the Lord cares about *
let alone His where-abouts, * God’s not in these places where people
think faith is coming to the Lord with there hands stuck out *
Remember, the Lord dismissin’ the droves cause they only came for the
fish and the loaves, * true seekers of God are hard to find when you
seek His heart and mind * You’ll start to find * Faith in the gospel, *
there’s your gift, treasure it, watch out for those heretics * Who make
God out to be some genie in a bottle like the Christina Agalera hit *
Wheat and tares there’s a split be aware of it when the scripture hits
you right * It’ll switch ya’ plight, that’s how you’ll know you’re out
of darkness * And into light * *

The Ambassador: This beat is
hot now I got to heat the spot * feed the flock and pray that
non-believers stop * We grow together both weed and crop, * so you need
to take heed to the seed I drop * Jesus, up in every piece I drop,
time’s running out so we gotta beat the clock * Peep it Ock, I hear you
smoke weed a lot you need the pot, you know that you need to stop. * *
You keep a knot, you got more doe than a pizza shop showin’ all the
gold teeth you got * You keep a fox in the front seat of the jeep you
got (alarm sound) and you keep it locked * Won’t go to church til’ you
Easter shop, new suit and shoes and a Easter top * * People stop and
say “yo! He’s the shot, but God says ‘No he’s not’” * God is known to
police the block He’s the cop, that aint afraid to squeeze the Glock *
‘but He really loves me a lot’ you don’t know what His steez is or what
His steez is not * You face the place where eternity is hot, I’m not
afraid to say hell some need the shock * His wrath is laser sharp, I
see the dot, trust Him before your breathin stops * *

How could you say that we cool but you don’t know me, * plus my word is
foolish to you * But we can get to know one another * if you choose me
we can take it further. * * You don’t know me, no you don’t know me –
know me * You don’t know me, no you don’t know me, no * But you can
know me – know me, yeah you can know me – know me * * You can know me,
through Christ you can know me * What you know about this? Huh, what ?
huh? huh? huh? what? what? * *

The Tonic: Now let’s stick to
the text, though we wish men were X, * sin’s hex mutates into death
effect * Weed sex guns Lex and we love the Vex * Evil’s got us wide
open like Nasanex? * And for some, this life’s like a major bet, they
put all their chips up on a major set * But when they loose to the one
with the major flex, ain’t nothing left but a major debt * Yet it’s
more then a loss of pay, every body wanna floss and play, guzzle
Covisier * Somebody better check God’s dossier He ain’t accepting
everything you want to toss His way * But you love the game, want the
fame, not the blame, not the shame, not the pain, not the flame, * but
it’s all in vain, cause even demons know his name, * big boy *

Phanatik: You know His name but do you really know why He came before
your games’ up * I think you better find out, take a pause for the
cause while you playing call a time out. * Boy, you ought to check in
with the coaching staff, * running plays and don’t know the half, *
seeming like you making up your own meaning like you playin a game of
bolder-dash * * Taking common grace, look at the time you waste, I know
you want to see His shining face, but you’re separated by time and
space, til Jesus Christ came and climbed in our place and * Took the
cross, took a loss, * tasted death then shook it off, Rose in three
said roll with me like rotary now look at ya’ll * Making noise with
crazy joy like young bucks when they play with toys * Predestined since
way back when man we go back like Lazy Boys but * All to Him and none
to me, ‘was pinned by sin like 1,2,3, * He healed me, filled me, saved
me gave me life abundantly * *
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Numri i postimeve : 286
Age : 41
Location : Gjakova
Points : 15
Registration date : 26/05/2008

MesazhTitulli: Livin it   Sat Jun 28, 2008 6:57 am

Lyrics :

we live for this
we die for this
we rock for this
come alive for this
'cause when it's on it's on
when it's on it's on
when it's on it's on
when it's on it's on

Listen up
No time for switchin' up
Nobody givin up,
Life in Christ we live it up
They try to limit us to livin in the lime light
We on the ground, like it's time to get their mind right
It's time to find Christ, who's given the blind sight
No ice, no cream between these bars
This 'aint Klondike
This 'aint unsound hight
Don't live a confound life
Come to the light
Where the sun shines bright

Two places, Earth and Heaven
Two races, human plus the one that set in-to places
Better to have sinned and began to chase him
Than to be like homie didn't admit with two faces
Let's get it in,
they don't think we comin'
Stand firm, don't squirm son we can't be runnin'
He put His life on the line like scrimmage
and took a life sentence
for Him to put Divine Life in us


When it's on you gatta concentrate
'cause the consequence of the fall
is a constant fate
You gatta land the 180
freak the 360
You can't control the hoke(?) and Bill Bigsby
Nimble and nifty
We can't clean the Q
Life is too shifty,
we gatta face it dude
It's the X Games
God expects change
But only accepts names
Inside of His Son's pains
Silence the one thing
that'll hurt your height
Wear you down to the earth and
Hurt your flight
Hurt your life
Though you work with all your might
All your work ain't workin right
We need the works of Christ
cause in Him
all hope is born
grab your board and your bike
and it's on


This life's got a latta lusta
I mean it could turn a King
into a feign or a hustler
can make you lust for things
and make you rush to scenes
where they discuss some discusting things
The lust could
have you all flustered
have you all cuffed up
make you break your neck like busta'
tryin' to find a meanin like
if we
Don't convience, we gon' die tryin' like
video, you know how the city rolls
you know the souls are controlled by the flows and the videos
Bust there
Try'n to get a rush there
Try'n to make a
buck there
But they're
parts spares
usin all the arts we're
willin to see
catch wheel and the heat
but blown minds got the
skill in the streets
In life you gon' battle through
I ain't mad at you
My additude is if you know Christ
You know radical
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Numri i postimeve : 286
Age : 41
Location : Gjakova
Points : 15
Registration date : 26/05/2008

MesazhTitulli: Video Spote Rap   Sat Jun 28, 2008 6:56 am

Cross Movement

Lyrics :

Ain't no stopping us
cause what be coming out our esophagus
will knock the dust· off a living sarcophagus
Dead men walking, talking, hawking
in the darkness they be stalking
looking for those home alone like Macaulay Culkin
But when they come knocking,
the door be opened by my Pop's
who says, "Come correct or catch the flaming hots"
He gives two choices to those who never heard it
either be deserted - or come and get converted
even the introverted, in His presence ain't shy
but scream Jesus Christ equals Elohim and the Most High
Why got to Hell when you die
when Christ be giving fresh breath of life like Binaca
Why be infernally nasty and mean
when you can be eternally crispy and clean
and listen to the God who says
"Forget what you heard
you rep for Me, I'll rep for you, and that's my Word, Bang!"

Present and accounted for
pound it down for my LORD
sound the horn, spit the raw
everybody hit the floor!
If the Lord of all
has given all for all
then why do most of all choose to ball
and walk the broad?
Livin' for the minute
Think, blink it's gone
we in the clutch
Now what, kid? Come on
Everything we do has a fee
that means it costs
Tru-Life says, "Choose Christ
because Christ chose the cross."

Gospel activist
of salvation · preparin'
for the invasion of Christ
the Body-snatcher
who will soon to come rapture us
a Kodak moment won't capture this
miraculous event our final call is repentance
No moon, no star, no crescent
we give reverence
to presence of the Maker of the heaven's and the Earth
who places is first
who can match the worth of the great I AM?
who blows on man and turns him back into sand?
God's Lamb, the God-Man
with the hard hand
turns to ruin
the wicked and subdues them
rescues them who pursues Him
renews them
who's tuned into the communion
of divine union
it's no illusion
it's the Most High rulin'
God 'n human
Jesus, no man can stand next to
to whom all respect's due
All hail Ixous

Mic's we blaze'em
The lost, God will save'em
Hands yall raise'em
Christ, all praise Him
No pretendin'
There's only one Savior we're recommendin'
Indeed, now let's proceed with the Representin'

[The Ambassador]
News flash, it's the Ambassador
known for askin' ya
Do you know the Master of the world the One that's after ya
Had His Son to die to provide a blood bath for ya
You do the math and ya
come up with love that's just his character
He figured the love would capture ya
cause it's spectacular
He's comin' back like remakes of Dracula
just to rapture the
Church, I clap becauseI know Satan's hatin' the fact that you're
Hearin' of Jesus and the wonderful plan He has for ya
Some might laugh at ya
cause their headed for the wrath that ya
Can't grasp cause ya· a passenger
on a path where ya
Party like a bachelor
max like a Maxima
Play the "mac" in fact ya
coined the phrase, "Girl let me rap to ya"
Always strapped down
got enemies all over Crack Town
I know the hap's now
I've got a similar background
Surrender kid, trust Christ, become a friend of His
And let Him throw you on a team of representatives

[The Phanatik]
Jesus be the Lord of land, and man
He loves ya!
Rejectin' Christ is lethal like weapons
in the hands of Danny Glover
Any other option burnin' in ya chest
that has yet to stop sin from turning into death
needs to be thoroughly questioned before the firin' squad
for claimin' to have knowledge that's higher than God's
and for tellin' people these lives my Dad rented never had limits
producin' a world of bad tenants

[Cruz Cordero]
I rush da
urban habitats where heads be strappin' gats
rappin' that, "Keep it real," when they're really lackin' facts
about the Action Pack
Attraction that's
never slackin', Black
He has everlastin' stats on the map
check the atlas
I attack this
phat track wit tactics that
come from the theocratic palace
like Alice
I wonder in this land
if you headz understand
how the blunder of man
put you beneath the Thunderhand
that won't slumber, Fam
to sling you like a rubberband
down into hell for rejecting the Son, the Lamb
the eternal Son who was sent
supreme first-born who took the worse form of punishment
death was performed the curtain tore it was published in
the Holy handbook
that this man took
for the commission
of His coming attractions
of Gospel blockbusters blastin'
His Word that be sharper than box cutters

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Video Spote Rap
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